stuart media

a media production company based in vienna

We're a team of young creators, consisting of filmmakers, sound-engineers, writers and lighting technicians. We have produced multiple advertisements for high-profile brands, live-streams for major publications, high production value music-videos for up-and-coming artists, audio-books and a movie.
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Meet the Team!

Adam El-Hamalawi

Gaffer, Cinematographer

A Vienna based Gaffer and Cinematographer with a technical education and a passion for visual arts and music. Experienced in feature films, advertisements, music-videos and live productions.

Kilian Mayer

Director, Sound-Engineer, Sound-Mixer, 3D-Generalist

Has engineered on a plethora of commercial releases. Being a trained animator and media-technician, he has shown to be a creative, yet technically adept steady hand to guide a wide variety of projects across the finish line. The short-film "Blue Moon", which he directed during his finals, garnered attention at a multitude of festivals, including the PrixArs-Electronica (u19), German Media Awards (mb21) and the YOUKI-Festival.


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